Support overseas presence

In these years, not only the European companies, but also the Japanese companies have increasingly started their business in the rapidly growing Asian market.
Overseas presence can help companies for massive production and cost reduction. Also, when the Japanese market has become saturated, the companies with offshore base can enjoy plenty of advantages.
However, operation overseas requires business strategy compatible to complex laws and regulations, tax system and the business customs in each country/area. Therefore, the best and fastest way to success is employ expert consultants.

Benefits for global expansion Total support for overseas presence

We have supported our clients for their overseas presence activities from incorporation to business expansion (USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippine, and been highly evaluated for our achievements.
We have local designated staff available to respond on the laws and regulations and business custom specific to each place, and have totally supported our clients for their success offshore operation.
We quickly respond to various needs for overseas presence, as well as collate the underlying issues with the management strategy to provide appropriate consultation. We offer the best solution for our clients.

Incorporation of new local corporation
  • Local corporation (corporate body incorporated in conformity to the local laws and regulations)
  • Offshore company (benefits: highly flexible preferential tax treatment, exempt form taxes)
Acquisition/partnership with local firms
  • Research of prospective local firms (for joint venture or license affiliation)
  • Total support for friendly Acquisition/partnership