Project Management

We provide various consulting services for our client's projects, leading them to success.
Our consultation covers the works from project planning to operation management (efficient management skills, procedures, controls and tranings, effective documentation, appropriate reporting of management) in order to achieve improvement of the company competitiveness.

  • Total management
  • Our activities on PMO
Total management

To ensure execution of projects, the following aspects should be nicely arranged for total management: scope (goal and range of project), time, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication, and risk management.
We help our clients through selection of the best service, planning, establishment and operation of Project Management Office (PMO) required for successful relationship with associates.

Our activities on PMO
  • Select associate for project
  • Analyze and evaluate the service contents
  • Manage schedules and human resources
  • Evaluate sustainable performance
  • Consolidate administrative works of the associates
Joint Ventures