Privacy Policy

We, C Five Management,Inc, place the highest priority on the protection of personal information, under our strict practice of the “Customer First” policy, which is one of our managerial creeds, and have committed to our “privacy policy”that is explained below.

  • Formulation and Continuous Improvement of our Compliance Program
    All of our managers and employees fully recognize how important protection of personal information is and that we formulate our compliance program to protect such information.
    We all commit to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving that program.
  • Collection, Usage and Provision of Personal Information
    We collect, use and provide any personal information appropriate to our business objectives and activities in proper compliance with our regulations for those purposes.
  • Implementation of Security Measures
    We develop regulations and implement security measures so that any part of personal information that we collect may never be released and/or disclosed to the public or any third parties or improperly modified.
    With these measures, we prevent any unauthorized access to, loss, damage, modification or leaks of such information.
  • Respect Rights
    We respect the rights of any person concerning his/her own information.
    We address these satisfactorily in the context of the socially-accepted ideas or practices for disclosure, modification and/or deletion of your own information.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
    We adhere to acts and regulations related to personal information, making sure that everyone of our employees including our managers understands the importance of protecting personal information, and treats such information accordingly.