Project Management

"Our main bank has turned us down for a loan. How can we procure funds?"
"With no backer or guarantees, is it impossible for us to borrow funds?
"How can we apply for public financing?"
"Can we raise funds while rescheduling?

These are just some of the concerns or problems of our clients who must think about fund procurement.As a consulting firm for clients who must consider fund procurement, we have helped even when procurement was very difficult due to various reasons.
Our fully experienced consultants analyze the current status of each client and then we support them in the improvement of cash flow and fund procurement.

  • How to procure funds
  • Points of fund procurement
How to procure funds

Fund procurement is required, needless to say, when the business remain stagnant, and also when it get started along the right lines.
Is it right that a client procure funds from banks, public institutions or non-banks ?
Or, should they get money from investors ?
We advise our clients on the best way to grow their businesses through our acquired know-how, a wide range of procurement methods and our broad network.

Points of fund procurement

Major methods of fund procurement include "loans", "investments" or "bond issues." However, each has specific advantages and disadvantages.
The important point in procurement is to choose the best method for each client.When a client procures funds from investors, it needs to reconstruct its business model to obtain a good evaluation as a growing corporation.Strategic business plans are also required for new fund procurement methods, such as bond issue.In order to support our clients for fund procurement activities for both cash flow improvement and new business development, we provide various services ranging from business plan creation to introduction to investors.

Third party procurement. self-sustaining fund.