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Some of the causes of competitive superiority lowering can be found in the "continuous yield decrease" or "chronic deficits" of a company.
Before such a company can regain its success track, it needs a thorough analysis of its "market," "competitors" and "business constructure."
Also, when we work with them, we need a "highly feasible turnaround plan," that includes not only the viewpoint of the company, but also that of the stakeholders (financial institutions) and "turnaround time".

  • Turnaround related solutions
  • Designs for company turnaround and management improvement
  • Major points of business turnaround process
Turnaround related solutions

When a company works on its business turnaround, success may depends on what its exact goal is - management improvement through an increase in profit or sales, or by closing losing divisions or a reduction of the fixed costs.
When a company has excessive debts, its activities plan should include reconstruction of the operations (a reduction of the labor force, abolishment or merger of divisions), its finances (asset shipping, a review of transactions with the banks), and business structures (transfer or abolishment of losing businesses). Simply put, the company must review many aspects of its labor forces, assets, and materials.For a successful business turnaround, these reconstructions are important. However, aggressive management from a mid-and-long-term standpoint is also required.With our extreme consulting know-how and our broad network, we identify the business issues and provide our clients with solutions that enable them to continue their successful managements.

Designs for company turnaround and management improvement

We take care of the results of analysis of business portfolios, screening of target areas and quantitative study of financial impacts (impact on the stock value) and then design the business turnaround process and management improvement plans based on our accumulated know-how.When our clients create their strategic visions, comprehensive support is provided by our professionals who are completely familiar with accounting regulations, tax practice, legal aspects, human relations, and capital markets.

Major points of business turnaround process